Project Tongue Twister

The following are links to sites outside of this project that may be useful in gaining more background knowledge, further study, and other resources regarding tongue twisters.

The Links:

A giant online resource of tongue twisters in 119 languages, "1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters":

Yet another large online inventory of tongue twisters, only featuring English by alphabetized by the most frequent letters in the tongue twister:

An article from the University of Cambridge's Matt Davis who did some research on a 2003 spam email claiming the letter order in words doesn't matter to English speakers:

Another article from Matt Davis detailing Graham Rawlinson's PhD Thesis from 1976 on the significance of letter position in word recognition:

A website with recordings of British English speakers that is particularly useful in classroom settings for younger children:

Another teaching website sponsored by the British government to promote the use of tongue twisters to, "help students develop their pronunciation,":

Other resources:

Inventory of IPA symbols featured in this site in raw XML: 13 KB

Corpus of English tongue twisters in raw XML: 4 KB

Schematron document used to verify the IPA Inventory: 1 KB